Ideas for Tennis training

Conditioning and training for tennis can’t be separated anymore for tennis players that want to reach their full potential. Every facility that offers tennis has a current strength and conditioning coach in order to maximize the effectiveness of their practice as much as is possible.

 Training and conditioning in tennis needs to be integrated in the Forest Crest Athletic Club time spent practicing so that you can get the best results from your training. For beginners , 25% of the practice time should be spent conditioning and for higher levels 1/3 of the time is not too much.

 Training in conditioning encompasses everything from balance and coordination to strengthening. The most successful tennis players are the ones who are athletes in all aspects. To be able to compete at an elite level, players have to be quick swift, powerful energetic, explosive, agile, and of course they require an excellent aerobic capacity.

 The players who follow a proper conditioning program will be more quicker on the tennis court when they are playing or practicing matches. The top tennis players are the ones who are the most efficient in their strokes but they are also those who are most fit on the court.

 Conditioning training can be done in the court and off court. It is essential to have it fully included in the tennis training. Agility drills can be done all the time on the court prior to or following the practice. This will help the players to improve their footwork technique and, in turn, become much faster on the court. When the players are able to move well they will enjoy more opportunities to ready for their shots and then they will become more efficient. Having great shots but failing to move efficiently or prepare properly won’t assist a tennis player when the game situation. This is the reason why conditioning on the court with agility drills could be very beneficial in tennis.

 Off court, at least once or twice per week, some cardio training will help the players to remain healthy. A high level of aerobic capacity allows players to become more active when they are practicing or playing matches. Tennis is a demanding game and we’ve seen frequently players getting tired too fast or do not recover well. Regular cardio exercise such including running or biking for 30 minutes is sure to aid in avoiding the situation.

 Another crucial aspect of fitness is strength training. Strength training should be fully integrated into the program because players are getting stronger and stronger and in order to keep up with your opponents , you have to be as strong as they are. Strength training is also the best way to avoid injuries that happen often to tennis players.

 It is important to be flexible in order to avoid injuries. This is why a good stretching routine that is performed every day will benefit the tennis player.

 The most important thing in conditioning training is consistent at least on a weekly basis. If a players goes to the gym for 3 weeks, then stops for a few weeks his physical condition will drop. It is essential to keep doing conditioning at a minimum in order to maintain the level of fitness of players. If a player doesn’t play for long enough, it will be hard to return to his former level. The same happens in conditioning training.

 Training and conditioning for tennis have to be carried out in conjunction and with consistency. This is the key for becoming a good tennis player, and that is why it’s so difficult to achieve the highest of the game. Professional tennis players are complete athletes who put in the effort on and off the court by following specific conditioning programs for tennis. This should be done at any age and in any level in order for a tennis player to reach his full potential.