How to complete your home work -Tips

Autistic children pose unique challenges to schools, teachers and homework. As a result they may have difficulties in attempting in achieving what they want.

A survey reveals that about 1 out of 68 children have the disorder known as autism spectrum (ASD). ASD is a developmental disorder that causes social communication and behavioral challenges. Simplyput, it’s a problem that causes a person to be not able behave in a way that is acceptable.

Autism is a prevalent disorder amongst young children. do my homework The children with this disorder typically are unable to cope up with after-school homework requirements. Parents strive to teach homework skills in their children so that they become self-sufficient, responsible, and dedicated. Even though they put in a lot of effortinto it, they usually find themselves dealing with the apathy and disinterest in their kids.

As a mother of an autistic child it is important to know the characteristics of autism.

easily distractedDifficulty completing assignments
Difficulty functioning in unfamiliar environments
Delayed communication skills

According to research on 934 parents seventy percent had children with autism attending mainstream schools.

Teachers who are teaching them are not at ease with students who have autism. In addition, parents were not conscious of the basic principles of educational needs of their children who are autistic.

From parents to teachers Every person must understand the needs of autistic children. This can lower the amount of frustration while dealing with their tantrums with ease.

Your child isn’t obligated to show interest or become capable of doing homework on by themselves at an early age, particularly when he/she has been diagnosed with autism.

Though you need to be patient, you should use the suggestions below to help your autistic child do their best when it comes time to study at school or completing after homework after school.

Individualized Assignments

Assigning homework is a regular practice in schools, but ensure that there is the reason why you assign homework. Homework assignments give students an opportunity to practice more and formulate questions to be solved by teachers in schools.

Lengthy assignments with complex instructions cause boredom in children with autism which is why they refrain from doing their homework. The aim isn’t to have students be glued to their desks for hours, but the idea is to review every concept they’ve studied in school. Teachers should give levels of homework assignments to your child who is autistic, depending on his/her abilities and capabilities to study.

Moreover, parents can create two folders with two headings- To do and Done. Teachers will put a mark on the “do folder” after checking the presence of homework tasks in it. Parents will place all assignments in their “done folder” when their children complete them.

This can help the autistic child to stay free of stress as he/she does not have to worry about the tasks to be completed.

Positive reinforcement is essential.

Positive reinforcement can do wonders for children with autism. It’s a method of rewarding children with autism for a particular behavior they are expected to exhibit. If teachers praise their students in class children, they are more likely to do well and continue to exhibit that behaviour while encouraging their peers to act like their own. This will not only ease studying at schools , but also in homes as they complete their homework. A reward for good behavior could be a party in the class or any fun activity.

Children with autism tend to be fussy; therefore, a reward suitable for the one might not be compatible with the other. To keep up the continuity of positive reinforcement, teachers and parents must be aware of the preferences and dislikes of children so that they can select the appropriate reward for them.

Some of the great ideas for positive reinforcement are:

Verbal praise “Good job!” or “I love your writing skills!” can fill them up with enthusiasm.



Homework Help

You must have seen children spending hours on homework to get it done. Fear of punishment or lure of reward probably keeps them awake throughout the evening. We are talking about children who attend elementary school. That’s bad!

If your child has difficulties with learning or development they shouldn’t be working on homework for longer as when compared with peers who are neurotypical. Don’t make your child finish an assignment in fifteen minutes because they might need two hours to finish it. This would be like punishing the autistic child because of his/her handicap.

The solution is to maintain the balance between studying hours and playing hours. Your child should be given enough time for playing as this will keep them physically and mentally healthy and reduce the amount of distracting.

Final words:

In order to turn the time spent at homework that is stressful into something that is enjoyable, parents of autistic children should consult and interact with teachers on a regular basis to keep track of performance and eliminate any weaknesses. If you’re worried for study, you can opt for a level tuition program to ensure the continuity of syllabuses for all subjects. Create a calm and relaxed environment in which the child is able to explain their requirements better. Concentrate on strengthening the skills rather than teaching to work with children who are autistic effectively.