New USB Storage & Data Backups – Prevent the Need for USB Flash Drive Repair & USB Drive Recovery

Device Now this drive is large. A USB Hard Drive is a razor-thin light-weight portable USB hard drive with a built in one button data backup. A new USB storage device from the “Store-It” series. 30% smaller in size and a 40% weight decrease compared to the 2.5″ “Store-It” USB Drives; it uses a Hitachi Travelstar hard disk drive.

Ya want a backup system? The included software, a one touch backup program, uses the Retrospect backup software supporting numerous sources usb sticks for sale. This new technology allows for you to back up more than one drive. The cool new Progressive Backup system only backs up new or changed data after the first backup is made. This is a great new feature, the USB storage device allows you to encrypt, password protect, and proof/verify your backups with ease. This USB storage drive is exceptional for adding storage to or backing up any USB enabled desktop or laptop computer. Smaller than your hand, this features a rugged aluminum enclosure to safely protect your data and prevent USB Drive Recovery.

To much to remember these days, I know I must have 1000 passwords. Can you remember what’s on your personal USB thumb drive? Want to avoid plugging it into your notebook or desktop to remember which files are stored there? Why should you do that! This Memorex TravelDrive ID, can allow you to scroll through the drives LCD display clearly showing you a breakdown on all the files stored on your device. If you have many devices and hate plugging them in then get a few of these as it will allow you to decide on which drive to bring and which one to leave behind on the go.

The only drawback is price – $80 for 512MB up to $200 for 2GB, almost double the price of a few competing USB products. For those who are a bit slow and have needed USB drive recovery services before, we recommend this device to prevent the need for data loss and eProvided USB flash drive recovery. The more you move your storage around the better the chance for data loss and damage; ease your mind just get one of these and prevent USB flash drive recovery issues.