7 Methods for Facial Hair Removal

Imperfections of the skin such as facial hair can be unsightly and often than not prove to be a major source of embarrassment and worry, especially among women. The most common areas for facial hair growth is the upper lip and chin so fret not for many others out there are experiencing the same issues. The desire for smooth and flawless skin often leads to endless searches for the perfect treatment. Yet again, many a times perfect seems impossible to attain.

Hair Removal Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

The presence of facial hair can already be a huge embarrassment, what more excess facial hair. The very first thing you should take note of, shaving of facial hair is not bikini 脫毛 recommended for women. In addition to having to shave every other day, hair grows back much darker and more coarse after each shave. As such, shaving of facial hair is a definite no for females.

A rather effective yet painful method to remove unwanted facial hair. It is usually used to remove small areas or stray facial hair. It takes longer for regrowth as the hair is plucked out from its roots. The pain from tweezing can vary from person to person. As such, it might be a better idea to stay off tweezing for large areas of facial hair or if you have a low threshold for pain.

Hair removal creams that alters the structure of hair makes it easily wiped off. The use of depilatory creams for unwanted hair removal can last for approximately 3 to 5 days. Although the effects are not long lasting, it is considered the least painful and most cost effective method of unwanted hair removal. Take note to use depilatory creams formulated for the face, creams for other parts of the body may cause irritation to the face.

A temporary method for the removal of unwanted hair, waxing involves the use of either hard or soft wax. Soft waxes which requires a waxing strip to remove, binds and pull hairs more forcefully than hard waxes in general. As such, hard wax also known as no-strip wax tends to be gentler compared to soft wax and are often the choice for waxing sensitive areas. Applied to the area where hair is to be removed, the wax is then stripped in the opposite direction of the hair growth, removing the hair at its roots.

This method involves the use of either a paste or gel, commonly made from natural ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice. Similar to waxing, the paste or gel applied to the skin will be stripped off, removing the hair at its roots. Sugaring is a popular alternative to waxing as the minimum hair length for sugaring using a paste is 1/16”. Furthermore, it is less painful and gentler to the skin.

Each individual will have their own preference for these temporary facial hair removal methods. However, shaving is a definite no-no for females! Before you start on any product, always try it on a test patch to ensure your skin is not too sensitive or allergic. Raw irritated skin and blisters are definitely not what you want to endure for the week. If you’re looking at permanently removing those unwanted facial hairs, here are the options: