Can You Consistently Win at Online Roulette? – The Truth on Roulette Systems, Strategy & Tips

There is a plethora of online gambling systems floating around the internet. I will not lie, this is dangerous! Why you ask? Because the majority are offering awful advice. Indeed, the most common advice I see is the Martingale system, which was first being used in 18th century France and has been popular ever since. The real and online casinos are more than happy to watch people play with this particular roulette strategy – because it doesn’t work. The system tells the bettor to choose a colour (either red or black), and stick to it. When you lose you double your stake on the next turn. If you lose again, you double again… you keep doing this until you win. The logic is that you will win eventually, and this logic is sound. However freebet gratis, look at this loss of ten (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512). The roulette system has a bet limit (usually around $200 but can be much lower) when betting on colours. After a loss of 8 you cannot put on another bet! You will have also lost $255. Effectively, the casino has stopped you from using this system effectively.

Similar to all bad and good things, there are problems and dangers that are associated with playing Internet poker. There is a great risk in Gambling but it is much more riskier to play Internet poker than the normal version. Anyone should know the risks and hazards involved in playing before they start playing.

The most important is to know a financial fact. The chances for getting the money, when one requests for the withdrawal, is very less. The bigger poker sites such as Ultimate Bet, Paradise Poker, Poker Stars, Paradise Poker and Party Poker will give what one wins. They are the best Internet Poker websites. The smaller online casinos are the ones, most likely to cheat. There are many stories of many people being cheated by the smaller online casinos. So it is very important to know the names of the bigger Internet sites before starting to play Internet poker.

So as to avoid circumstances like these, aim to play in more well-known and better Internet poker sites. This does not indicate that all minor and recent Internet poker rooms are not dependable. A few are but these sites may have very huge financial problems. So it is advisable not to play in these.

The second risk is shuffling. All the Internet poker players should be alert of the shuffler randomness, which is a very important factor. A basic algorithm is designed and is stored in the server but these could create many problems. Internet sites which want to guarantee the clients that the shuffle and the practices are reasonable generally do these following: circulate the shuffle algorithm which is also called as random number generators and have separate examination of these algorithm and then, acquire license given by the regulatory commission.

So as to show how fine the shufflers are, the Internet poker websites publish their algorithm of the shuffle in the sites, which is available for study or experimentation for people who are really interested. Apart from this, the Internet poker website have to go through independent auditing. Independent auditing companies are appointed by various commissions to inspect these source codes and all the servers of the Internet poker sites. These inspections come as a surprise. The next thing the websites have to do is to get a gambling license, this can be given to them only by the Kahnawake gaming agency which is a regulatory commission which requires the Internet poker websites to follow with regulations and rules in order to get the license and also maintain this in order to prevent it from getting stripped.

The next danger one has to consider while playing in the Internet poker website is security. This risk is not only confined to the external hazards from the Internet hackers, as they can easily get information from users who enter and play. They can manipulate the end of the game. The greater and real danger comes from the people in the business that they appoint to handle all the information and also money.

The employee working for the online poker site will get easy access to a player’s information and the credit card numbers and they can also use them to gain access and also sell them. They also can have great opportunities in spying on the actions of the players and could easily use or sell this information so that many players could cheat.

The Money Reviewer blog brought to my attention a very good twist on the system. The idea is to bet on 1-12, 13-24, 25-36) but with a progressive staking plan instead of doubling your money. Putting it to the test, the system is producing consistent profits, albeit a bit slower than Martingale promises! The system is written can sometimes be found as a free gift, otherwise it is available from many sellers on ebay/around the net – try searching for dozens roulette strategy, thirds roulette system. It is often sold as “Make $300 a day with online roulette” etc… this is hyperbole, but the system in general is very good!

In summary it is vital that you find a roulette system that gives you the best possible odds, thus maximising your chances of winning. These systems are not particularly exciting and can be fairly boring to play but if you seriously want to make money playing online roulette then this really is the only way!