How to Start and Run a Profitable Membership Website

You have decided to make a living online, but you are still a bit stuck on where to begin. Someone mentioned Adsense, CPA, and a host of other ways to get started and you feel overwhelmed. Why not stick with a proven business model that has worked for a countless number of Internet Entrepreneurs: Membership Websites. Whether you know it or not, you actually belong to a membership website already. Do you have an account on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? There you go, you belong to a membership website.

So, how can you catch in on the new found craze for membership websites all over the World Wide Web? By starting your very own membership website. Why should you start your own website? You need to start membership websites because they are the rave of the Internet these days, and if you don’t start your own membership website, you may be leaving a lot of money GoDaddy email login on the table.

People love membership websites because they like the fact that the membership site has a limited membership. They like exclusive! Membership websites rarely allow foul language of flaming and people like that. On open websites there is not usually a monitor that forbids bad behavior or bad language and is no administrator is there to enforce the rules.

In the free model, you don’t require members to pay any fees to join your membership website. All that they are required to supply is their name and email address, and probably other contact information like street address, and phone number. The main purpose of starting a free membership website is to build an opt-in list that you can later market relevant products to. Of course, even in a free membership website, you must still supply relevant content to keep your members happy, so that they won’t unsubscribe from your list.

The other business model for membership websites is the paid model. This model is the most lucrative, as members pay you a recurring fee (usually monthly) to be a member of your web site. It is here that you have the opportunity to actually start profiting almost immediately.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of actually owning a (paid) membership website and there are many, many reasons. One of the main reasons can be summed up in just two beautiful words; recurring income. Every single month the very same people pay you. You don’t have to sell them anything, they’re already sold.

Recurring income adds up fast, too. For example; if you have a membership website that charges $29.95 per month that means that over the course of one year you will make $359.40 from EACH MEMBER and with NO additional overhead expenses. It’s like a money tree!

Additionally, the owner of a membership website does NOT have to scramble for website content constantly. The members supply all of the content that is needed and they PAY the website owner to do it! What’s not to like?
A membership website is a site that members find safe, interesting and satisfying and a membership website is a site that the owner finds profitable, cheap to run in both time and money. Membership websites are the wave of the 21st century because they work and they create a win/win situation for both owners and members!
So, how then, do you go about setting up a membership website, whether free or paid?

Getting a Domain Name

The first thing you need to start a membership website or any other kind of website for that matter is a domain name. Getting a domain name is not difficult and it certainly isn’t expensive. There are no two websites with exactly the same name. A domain name is unique. It is your address on the Internet. You can go to any one of a thousand different websites to get and register your domain name. Some examples of sites are GoDaddy, Register, Networksolutions, etc. Getting and registering a domain name will cost you no more than $10 for a year.
(*Note: It is better to register a domain name for 2 years because the search engines see domains that are only registered for one year as fly-by-night operations.)