Collecting Celebrity Autographs As a Hobby

Making a collection takes effort and dedication whether it is collecting rare photos or star collectibles or autographs. You can have your own collection of celebrity autographs and proudly display it to your friends and family. How you collect them and what steps you take to have a successful collection depends on you though. You could try collecting autographs in person or through mail or buy them on sites like eBay if you can afford it. Either way you would be able to get some quality autographs Kelly Stables. For stars who are no longer living like political leaders or passed on celebrities you will only have the option of buying autographs online.

Starting and maintaining your collection of celebrity autographs can be a fun activity and you can have fun watching your collection grow. Pick the best celebrity photograph and get them to sign it. You could get your own mug or t-shirt made with the endorsement.

What kind of celebrities you choose to follow is of course entirely your choice whether you want to collect celebrity autographs of athletes, movie stars or presidents, you need to know how to buy genuine autographs and how to get the best bargains. It is also important that you choose one “field” to get started, that is either sports personalities or leaders or movie stars for example. That way you can also collect all useful information about your favorite celebrity and stay focused in one area. To buy authentic celebrity autographs it is important that you know where you can buy genuine autographs and who will give you the best deal. Even if collecting celebrity autographs is just a hobby it is important you know how much an autograph is worth so that you don’t get cheated.

Out of the several ways in which you could collect celebrity autographs writing letters is a great way. You can write a letter expressing your admiration for the celebrity and simply clearly mention what you like about them. Most celebrities are used to praise being lavished on them and they can make out fake admiration with relative ease. Just add a line or two stating the specific movie or sports game that you liked and then state how much you enjoy their work and would like an authentic autograph as a memorabilia piece. Include your address on the letter so that the photo does not get mixed with some other address.

How you find the celebrity address is of course up to you. You could look in celebrity magazines or look up on the internet.

Another option is to buy celebrity autographs on sites like eBay, in this case all you need to do is find good deals by shopping around on the site. One way of buying autographs from a private collector and establishing its authenticity which you can do by checking for photographs. Often the collector has photos with the celebrity, that way you know that the autograph is genuine.

You could join an online forum to get autographs as well. Here you may come across some authentic collectors of autographs who may trade with you. The oldest and the best method are of course in person collection. Note down all the celebrity events. Hang around the area where they work or frequent and try to find your opportunity. If you have a child who also shares your interest in the celebrity then you can send them as all celebrities indulge kids much more readily than an older person who might want to just sell the autograph.