The Lib Tech Travis Rice Snowboard Review

The Lib Tech Travis Rice snowboard is one of the top of the line boards offered by Lib Tech. Lib Tech prides itself on being one of the most green snowboard companies, located in Washington state in the US Pacific Northwest. This pro snowboard is ideal for advanced riders, more specifically to those that are either pros or semi-professional. It is graphically elite, showing a modern artistic design to catch attention on the slopes and those grabbing air in the terrain park.

The optimal design of the Lib Tech Travis Rice allows for tight turns, lightweight design for increased maneuverability, especially on corking turns off jumps, and its sidecut design allows for easing into landings smoothly pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad. Those using the board will satisfied by its attention to detail for advanced riders.

Whereas other boards in its line (Skate Banana and TRS for example) are more for mid-level riders, the Lib Tech Travis Rice is specifically designed for professionals and semi-pros. For those just getting started with jumps and park riding, the Travis Rice might seem a little bit difficult to maneuver. The aggressive feel and twin tip design make it applicable to ride the entire mountain, but gives the rider the upperhand to land jumps and ride out the turns off of huge gappers. There is also a “hybrid rocker” design that gives boarders more control and “bite” on edge control.

Whether you ride powder or more solid pack and icy conditions in the warmer mountain climates, the Lib Tech Travis Rice will respond well. As compared to other boards in the same price range, the attention to detail that Lib Tech created in the Travis Rice model puts it into a class by itself. Riders compliment the speed and superior response to turns, even when riding in non-optimal conditions.

With the abundance of pro and semi pro riders opting for one of the boards made by LibTech, many are looking for a board with good flex and successful edge control. Since larger jumps in the park require a higher speed, the LibTech Travis Rice gives you the stability upon approach to feel confident in the air, while the flex factor can make the landings a little easier as well.

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