How a Blog Makes a Difference to Online Communication and How You Can Take Advantage of It

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Or Tsunami? It demonstrates how powerful a blog can be. People weren’t visiting the news site to look for the story, they refer to blogs. From the time it headed towards the Northern Gulf Coast to information about missing relative s, news spread much faster and almost real-time.

That’s community and citizen journalisms. In fact, newspapers realized the power of blogs and started blogs about the incident.

Before a blog, news is nothing new at all. Often you have to wait 12-24 hours before you get the scope on the newspapers Television is faster, but by no means provide as much insight as you could get directly from everyone who cares to share.

The moment there is something interesting posted on the blog, other bloggers and news consumers can track it and get the scope at the same time. Bloggers who find the news worthy will share it with others.

News spread virally this way. Everyone can be a journalist. Everyone’s voice is worth listening, if s/he has important message to deliver. If someone complains about a company’s customer service, the company would better respond, or their reputation may be at stake if that news spreads online.

This is exactly what happened to Dell a few years back. It is very hard or impossible to recover after that. Or they may not recover completely at all.

This is made possible thanks to the blog. Now people could start a blog and get published instantly. Their voices are heard. There is no need to learn html. Sure, you must know some basics to be able to format the post, but now you can use the html editor to do it for you.

If you can use email you can blog. If you can format a document in a word processing software, you can format a blog.

Of course, with this change, there is also consequences. Because getting your content online becomes so easy, people think everything should be that way. Since then, marketers come up with ideas to flood the search engines with junk to get free traffic. They publish low quality content.

Don’t fall into such trap. While such tactic might be effective in the past, it is by no means permanent. You should be thinking about a blog and leverage this tool for your advantages. One way to do it is by making the web a better place. Build something of value that will last. People will want to come back for more and that is so much more powerful if you want to build a business and make money online.

Blogging is one of the forms of websites that is supposed to be serving the purpose of updating a certain audience about the news of someone or something. This form of blogs is now the least one around thanks to the fellow affiliate marketers who took blogs out of their context and built thousands upon thousands of fake blogs to deceive their readers into buying something they don’t want or don’t need.

This way to make money from blogging is totally unethical and I will not be surprised if within months a new law will come out with strong enough penalties to stop this kind of cyber crime that not only hurts the individuals economy, but also ruins the reputation of the honest affiliate marketers who don’t approve this method.

It’s time to get things back to normal and stop the evil from spreading on the Internet. In the following few paragraphs you’ll read the outlines of a new approach on how to make money from blogging in a way that enriches the web with knowledge instead of deceiving the readers.