How To Setup Your GoDaddy Email Account

What is Godaddy email, and how do you use it? GoDaddy is an internet hosting company that offers a range of products and services related to website design and management. If you are not familiar with this company it was established in 1999 by Bill Reiss as an internet service provider for small businesses. Today it is one of the biggest providers of email accounts and other web based solutions GoDaddy email login. This article will give you a quick overview of what is involved with using a Godaddy email server. If you would like more information please read on below.

Sign up to get an account with Godaddy: The best way to sign up with GoDaddy is through their online website. When you log in you will be able to see various options for signing up. Once you have successfully signed up you will need to click on the link to register your domain. In order to get started with the process you will need to enter your domain information so you can create your own unique URL and DNS records within Godaddy.

Get your first set of emails: After you have registered your domain and got your email account you will need to go through your preferences to find the feature that you want to activate. Depending on the company you are using Godaddy will either offer you the option to manage your email directly or allow you to connect your account to an existing email account you may have. Either way is fine, but you can choose to connect your email account directly. This will allow you to manage all your email accounts within GoDaddy itself rather than going through Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo or Gmail’s systems.

Add your domain email address to your list of trusted contacts: After you have registered your domain you will need to add your email account to your trusted contacts. To do this you will click on the add button, you then fill in the details of your email address including your name, email address, verification and recovery email address if applicable. You can also add other important details such as your cell phone number and home address. If you do not see your email address you can click on add and search for it. It should give you a list of addresses you have registered with them such as Google, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Setup your workspace email account: Now that you have registered your domain and added your email address to your trusted contacts you will need to setup your workspace. To do this go to your account preferences and click on the setup your workspace link. Here you will need to fill in the details about your workspace and you should also select the option whether you would like your workspace to be visible or hidden. To do this go to your login area and click on the link add new link. Once you have done this you will need to click on the setup button and you will then need to fill in your user name and your password.

Creating a new account: After setting up your workspace you will need to register your new email address. To do this click on the Add button on the top right corner of the main page. This will bring up a page where you enter in your user name, your confirmation email address, your website and your FTP information. Once you have all of these items entered in the appropriate areas you will then be prompted to enter in your credit card information. Follow these steps to complete your setup. You will then be ready to start adding content to your site.