Maximise Your Vacation Budget With a Caravan Holiday

Last year the economic situation in the UK caused many UK holidaymakers to forego their summer vacation as they felt that they simply could not afford the expenditure December Global Holidays. Unfortunately the financial situation has not improved for the majority of the UK’s population and it would also seem that the cost of foreign holidays is rising, pricing many UK holidaymakers out of vacations abroad. The government are largely to blame for the fact that many holidaymakers, in particular families, cannot afford summer trips abroad, following their increase in air passenger duty that has seen the cost of flights rise.

However with a recent survey revealing that the majority of the population are unwilling to give up their summer holiday for a second successive year there is another option that allows holidaymakers to get maximum enjoyment from their budget, a caravan holiday in the UK. Staying at home for the summer and sleeping in a caravan may not seem like the most glamorous option, yet below are the key reasons why a caravan holiday will allow you to get the most from your budget and your vacation.

Caravan holidays are much cheaper than almost all other forms of domestic and foreign holiday, with camping holidays the only exception. The principle reason for this is that the cost of accommodation is lowered drastically by taking a caravan holiday and this allows more of your budget to be spent on other areas of your vacation. Another advantage of taking a caravan holiday, which helps lower costs significantly, is that the cost of accommodation is not charged per person but per vehicle and this is extremely beneficial to families and groups. With accommodation often one of the most expensive components of a holiday, the appeal of caravan vacations is evident.

Typically travel is the other expensive element of taking a holiday, particularly those abroad as holidaymakers are faced with the cost of flights and airport transfers. Regardless of whether you choose to hire a mobile caravan of choose to stay in a static caravan holiday home, the cost of travel will be severely reduced as there is no need to fly and this allows you to spend a greater deal in other areas. Caravan holidays also provide you with greater freedom in how and when you travel, which allows you to travel at the most convenient times and devise your own route. Being able to plan your own route allows you to visit attractions en route to your holiday destination, typically holidaymakers driving to the South West of England take the opportunity to visit Stonehenge and by taking a caravan holiday you could do the same or something similar.