How Serious Can a Game Get?

Popular culture has made video games and computer games a significant part of people’s lives. While we think of these games as a popular hobby for kids, more adults are actually F95zone hooked up on playing these virtual games. Since these form of game provides individuals with the perfect opportunity to relax, isolating themselves from the actual concerns that they may be facing in their lives. However, what’s disturbing about this game is that it is becoming one of the leading causes of modern-day addiction. The compulsive use of computer and video games has become prevalent, affecting a significant portion of the world’s children as well as adult population. This emphasized the importance of promoting awareness on video game addiction or computer game addiction. Aside from promoting a condition of social isolation, this form of addiction also leads an addict to focus on in-game achievements rather than their own real life.

Video and computer games have built-in reward system features, making them more appealing and engaging to play. Aside from simply passing time, these games can satisfy many of an individual’s psychological needs. Therefore, these games intentionally or innocently connect with the player and that player to other players, creating a bond that makes them difficult to resist. This way, these games allow its players to escape reality, allowing them to create a different online persona bringing their fantasy to life. In a way, playing these games delivers a feeling of satisfaction in escaping the realities of life while immersing into the fun, thrill and excitement of the game. Unfortunately, the good feeling that these games bring is often abused, and leads to addiction.

Repetitive displays of the following signs are commonly related to compulsive playing of video and computer games: persistent thought of the gaming activity, tolerance to the long hours of playing, inability to control restlessness and irritability when prevented from actually playing the game, lying about the extent of involvement to a virtual game and continuance of the activity despite the adverse consequences that it may bring. These conditions are more often than not, considered and treated as an addiction. While the diagnosis of video game addiction and computer game addiction is still debated by some experts, one thing is for sure. A new face of modern-day addiction was born.

The disturbing fact about possible video game addiction and computer game addiction is that it does not concentrate on a specific age group. Everybody is subjected to the risks of being affected by this condition. Children are the most vulnerable to this form of addiction. While adults are expected to be responsible and discipline in doing virtual game activities, we could not expect more from kids.