A Sport’s Enthusiast Review of Sporting News and Sports Illustrated Magazines

I am going to talk about two of my favorite sport magazines and why I consider them to be my favorite two. I will also provide a brief history of them as well for the history buffs.

The first magazine I am going to talk about is Sporting News. This magazine started publishing in 1886 and still going strong today. It has 540,000 subscribers, including myself Elisa Gayle Ritter. In 2008 it went to a bi-weekly publishing schedule. At first, I was little disappointed that they changed from weekly publishing to a bi-weekly publishing. I don’t necessarily like change, but who does? But I do understand why they changed, for them to compete with other magazines they had update their publishing schedule. Also for the magazine to keep updating, they launched in 2008 a daily online newspaper named, Sporting News Today. They cover the following major sports: Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, college football and basketball, and NASCAR. They also cover many other sports as well.

I like the readability of the articles and usually that have an interview with a coach or player. I also like that they have preview issues of the different sports season. I will probably be getting my football ones soon, just in time for the upcoming college and pro seasons. They also publish issues on specific sports before the season starts, which is there yearbook issues. So, for the upcoming college and NFL seasons, these issues just focus on these two sports. There are separate issues for college and the NFL. There is in depth coverage, including rosters, team statistics, predictions for the upcoming season and more. You can usually find these special issue at your local grocery or drug store; if not you can always go their website and order. If you order online, the shipping is fairly quick, you get them in about a week’s time.

My other favorite sport magazine to read, is Sports Illustrated. In my opinion, Sports Illustrated is the most popular and recognized name in the United States and most likely internationally as well. It was founded in 1954 and has over three million subscribers. I would say that is a lot of brand recognition. In addition to being known for their excellent sports coverage, they are also know for the annual Swimsuit issue. I like to read SI for their good coverage of the different sports and really good quality of writing. I also look forward to reading the Point After column and getting the Sportsman of the Year issue near the end of the year. If want good quality sporting news coverage, you should pick up a copy of these fine publications and see why I enjoy them so much.

As a business owner of a small business, and an investor in stocks, I consider keeping abreast of the news something that is paramount and absolutely essential in my daily life. Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that I find myself not having enough time to get enough sleep, much less watch the news or read the newspapers.

If you’re getting your news from your friends, then it’s not a very good thing. If you’re getting your news from your friends, and it’s been several days since the actual event happened, then it’s disastrous. Sometimes I go to dinner functions or parties, and I find myself not knowing what the dinner conversation is about. That irks me not because of the embarrassment, but more of the snide remarks that are made, such as “Oh, you didn’t know about that?”.

The thing that trip me up the most is politics. Certain publications, even well-known and famous ones, have very biased political views and it’s bad if you need the accurate facts. So far, only one publication that I’ve read has managed to keep an unbiased, neutral standpoint, and only report the facts as they are. It’s The Week, and to attest to that, both my friend and I have completely different political views, and we love that magazine!

It is because of reasons like these that make me source around for ways to help me make use of my time more productively. I’m a huge fan of time management techniques such as the Pomodoro technique. Named after “tomato”, it’s a pretty good way to ensure that you focus on the task at hand, and rewards you with breaks at set intervals.