The Week Magazine – 7 Days in Your Hands!

The perfect fusion of the very best of British and International media, The Week Magazine is much more than a mere proof of yellow journalism First published in 1995 by Jolyon Connell, editor of Daily Telegraph; The Week transferred its rights to entrepreneur Felix Dennis in 1996 who still, holds majority shares of the magazine.

Achieving a global circulation of over 700,000 in US, UK and Australia, this weekly is written bearing in mind busy readers like you, who despite having the urge to read are unable to because of a time constraint. Offering a concise yet thorough overview along with an editorial par excellence, The Week offers an informative yet entertaining shortcut to the most important news stories from the past 7 days.

Avoiding jargon and waffle, The Week is a digest of key stories with the editor’s opinions and readers’ reviews. Unlike newspapers that pile up words and papers, The Week distills news into 35 laconic pages, while educating you with the latest news in just an hour. With the key stories delivered in bite-size chunks, you’ll get the whole picture quickly and easily.

The Week has in its pockets, the most important news stories from across the globe with opinions from experts, and is a guide to what’s hot and what’s not besides what’s worth seeing and reading. Laying equal emphasis on the oddest tabloids, hottest travel destinations and best properties in the market, The Week certainly does not lack behind when it comes to raising issues within United Kingdom.

Now, when we are talking about the magazine, how can we not talk about subscription and shipping? Surprisingly, this magazine, not shoving off a bit of attitude offers the readers 6 free issues upon subscription with a free delivery every week and no obligation to continue. That’s not it; you also can save as much as 30% on the cover price. So, subscribe to the week today and make it yours for the rest 7 days.