Sports Blog – Make Serious Money From Sports And Online Marketing

Do you have a passion for sports and have considered starting a sports blog for the fun of it? Or do you already have a sports blog and want it to be more than just a hobby? There are a lot of blogs out there about different niche interests such as travel, food, and even fashion which all make some serious money just by applying a few online marketing principles while they blog about their passions.

Now if your passion lies with sports and you love sharing about the latest results or news about athletes or merely just discussing your opinion about something, then the concept of a sports blog should be pretty easy for you to apply Sherry Dyson. But of course, just by reading this you may be either doubtful that you can make good money doing it or you’re already aware that it’s possible but believe that it may be a bit complicated to set up and get going.

Of course if you ever thought about selling your own products on a sports blog then that would be a good idea. There are many people already selling sporting equipment and goods online such as golf clubs, footballs, gear, pads, you name it. With the advent of online businesses, a lot of people are already retailing goods online. But you probably already thought of this yourself.

But did you also know that you can make money from a sports blog even without selling your own products? You don’t even have to worry about that at all. People who do Google AdSense or even affiliate marketers know this very well. All they really do is drive traffic and build their audiences while they make money.

It’s very similar to how TV programs or magazines make a lot of their money. The make a lot of advertising revenue. All they do is get a lot of people to see their content and they slip around some commercials in between. That’s how you can make money just through blogging about sports.

You can just get a simple WordPress blog and add a few plugins to optimize it for search engines and then just post whatever content you like that’s relevant. If you like, you can even load Google AdSense which allows you to let Google load up your blog with ads and you get a tiny bit of commission every time someone clicks on it.

Believe it or not, you can sell other things on a sports blog that you never created yourself. Sound too good to be true? It’s actually simple. You take a product that’s already done by someone else and sell it for them for commissions. Of course you will need to find a good product to sell and one that’s relevant to your sports blog. A lot of ClickBank and Amazon products are popular for a lot of home business owners and online marketers alike.

The main thing that you really need to know when making money with a sports blog is how to drive traffic and build a big audience. It all starts with simply building a list. Once you learn some simple strategies on how to do that, then you will have no trouble making money from a sports blog even if you have no technical experience whatsoever!

There are few ways that most blog owners use to promote their blogs hoping to increase traffic, generate some back links and also increase their SEO relevancy and domain popularity. We all know what those methods are: Article marketing, Blog commenting, Forum posting (using signatures) and bookmarking on social networks.

Some of them work very well and they can even be done using software to automate those processes, others are time consuming causing frustration and disappointment. And then there some which are not even worth the time, because they are simply… not efficient.

Recently, visual forms are important to each blog posts. The criteria for blog quality has expanded to include not just the article text, but the photos that come with it as well. Actually, few bloggers are determined to learn the art of photography to the point that they act as photographers in several occasions.

Vivid, well-organized photos build a remarkable blog. Of course, photography requires skill and practice, not to mention equipment. But it’s not the end of the world for those bloggers who are not ‘armed’ for that level of professional work. Even with just a simple camera, they can also get ahead as long as they have a little bit of knowledge.

Focus on the angle of view

When capturing an image, the view of the photographer is inadequate to catch everything since it is only dependent on the frame of his camera. To make the photo presentable, check all the essential things that you need to capture and be sure that they are within the frame. At the same time, you want to omit the ones you don’t want to include in the photo. It would be embarrassing to put a picture of people with no heads or humiliate your blog with bad images.