How to Carry Out a Business Health Check on Your Business

Most business owners would really love to be able to understand if their businesses are realizing their full potential or not. The problem is that they cannot see the wood for the trees. They get so close to the business they can no longer be objective about what works and what does not work.

Those with some dollars to spare will often hire a management consultant to come in and take a look under the hood home depot health check. However, there are bad as well as good management consultants and it is difficult to know if you are going to get value or not before you have written a sizable cheque. So what are the other options?

Have you ever considered carrying out a root and branch review of your business yourself? Would you know where to start? Are you confident that you would ask and answer all the hard questions objectively? Would you know what the hard questions are? Would your staff give you honest feedback?

In general, businesses can be split into separate functional areas such as finance, production/operations, sales, marketing, and logistics, which can be examined one by one. So, do you analyze one department or function at a time? Can you identify the need for changes or will you continue to do things the same old way because you have always done them that way. Have you got the confidence to identify what your business does really well and then build on this inherent strength?

The questions seem endless. However, you can approach the business health check in a more systematic way. You just need to know what the key areas for analysis are. Different consultants will do it in different ways. I tend to view a business under 28 core headings. Within each heading, a thorough analysis is required and you need to formulate all of the right questions to ask yourself and your team before commencing. The 28 headings are as follows:

With the turn of the year having passed us by a lot of people will be making plans for the next 12 months, as well as trying to keep to those New Year’s Resolutions too. One of the things most motorists are failing to do at their peril is to keep a close eye on their car’s condition. Lots of motorists will take their cars for granted and use them every day of the week with little regard for things like oil levels, tyre pressure and other checks that could prevent unwanted breakdowns.

Tyre pressure is something we wouldn’t really notice until it is too late, driving on flat tyres not only increases your fuel consumption but over time can lead to serious tyre damage, even having a blow out. Having a tyre blow out is a dangerous experience as it can severely affect the handling of your car. It would also mean replacing the tyre at the roadside or calling out your roadside recovery service.

Oil levels are another check that many motorists may have forgotten about since their driving test, without sufficient levels of oil your car’s engine can become noisy initially but will eventually be damaged, requiring expensive repairs and replacement parts. Checking your oil level is easy enough by checking the oil level on your engine’s dipstick. Be careful not to overfill your engine as this can be damaging too.

There are other checks such as making sure your windscreen washer fluid is topped up, and if the recent snow and ice has taught us anything it is that we should make sure we don’t just use tap water, and you make sure that there is a high level of screen wash solution that won’t freeze.

One other health check you should keep an eye on is the condition of your windshield, as you drive sometimes small objects such as stones can strike the windshield and leave a crack. A lot of drivers will ignore the crack if it is out of the field of view but these cracks can develop over time and become hazardous.

The important thing to remember with all of these checks is that doing it once a year is not good enough, by checking regularly you’re going to notice any potential problems before they get to the point where you’ll need expensive repair work. So this year make sure you keep a close eye on your car’s condition as not only will it help keep your car running but will also mean it’s in great condition if you choose to sell it in the future.