How to Make Fast Internet Money

It’s a dream we all share – the availability of fast easy to make money on the internet; well I’ve got an idea that might help your dream come true.

Can you win real money in an online casino? - Gambling tips

Did you know that if you register with an online casino they will give you free money to play with? Or that if you sign up with an online bookmaker they will grant you free bets? Here’s how it works:

As an incentive and online casino will match your initial deposit: you lodge $100 0in your account and they provide another $100 DewaQQ. This is yours to gamble as and when you want. If you put in on a 50/50 gamble in a series of stakes then you are pretty much guaranteed to get some of it back as winnings – 50% statistically – so that’s money for nothing!

The same happens with the bookmaker – you place an opening bet of $50 and they will match it with a free $50 bet. Place this on a dead cert odds on runner and you’re pretty much guaranteed a return. What’s more to keep you gambling with them the bookmaker will offer you further free bets the more you place! Again, it’s money for nothing.

Remember – there are hundreds of online casinos out there, and they all offer you free money! The trick is to play the odds and not against them. Often, you can parlay that money quite effectively, but beware, this is a marketing strategy and the boomaker fully expects a large percentage of those free money give outs will come right back to them, so you must bet with some skill.

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Roulette the name means “little wheel” became the gambling game of choice in Nineteen Century France. Although associated with Monte Carlo, it is placed in Casinos all around the world. The Online Casinos industry was first introduced to the Internet in 1994. This resulted after the government of Antigua passed The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act, which gave the Caribbean territories the opportunity to host the online gambling industry. Many casinos and sports books continue to be run with licenses issued by the islands.

Roulette is the best known of all gambling games. The chance of winning a small fortune with each turn of the Roulette wheel has fascinated people for years. To play the game there are a number of basic approaches you can make, the first and most common way of playing is to use no system at all. This is the way most people play, scattering their chips all over the table using their lucky numbers or numbers based on birthdays. Any winnings would be the result of how lucky they were on the day.

Another approach would be to use a mechanical system such as Martingale, Labouchere, or parley Progression System. The Roulette table layout lends itself to almost endless combinations of wagering, so there have been times when these systems win. However these Roulette systems follow the flawed principle of doubling up after a loss. Unfortunately randomness of the wheel will always kill any progressive betting system. You cannot predict with any certainty where the ivory ball will land. The Roulette wheel has no memory. So following any system blindly will not give you a sustainable profit.

Another more recent development is the numerous bogus Roulette systems based on Maths. These Online Roulette systems take advantage of the fact that numbers repeat. They predict when these numbers are most likely to show up. These Roulette systems appear to work brilliantly when played on free play but when you play for real that old enemy randomness will again raise his ugly head. They just don’t work.

Yet another system that has been promoted online is for those who play only live Roulette. You may have heard about “Clocking the Wheel.” Since it is impossible to make a physically perfect Roulette Wheel, the biased wheel player will try and detect the defects in the Wheel. To clock the wheel you would have to take records of a great number of spins before you can determine if you can take advantage. Not really worth consideration.