Stop Smoking Program – Planning to Quit Smoking

The point in your life where you decide to stop smoking is a landmark step. It will stand out in your memories as the time you took control of your future, and made the decision to be in control of your destiny. In the past you obviously made the choice to smoke, but you may well find that this is a difficult decision to reverse. Having the knowledge you need to create a stop smoking program to stay smoke free is very important and you will have to take time to look at all of your options.

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When making your plan to stop smoking, it may seem a great idea to quit in the future at a given date, you need to step back and make your stop smoking program, to give it a sure fire chance at success best smoke spots dust 2. If you a following a plan which involves a number of well laid out markers you are going to take a major leap towards success. Simply picking a date, and doing no more than that, may well do the job, but proper pre-planning will always produce far better results.

You should look up all the various methods and products that are available to help with your stop smoking program. There are hundreds of products that claim to help you quit smoking. Some may not work at all; some may be effective but only for certain folk how to make stone in little alchemy. This has the possibility of causing you disillusionment if you are not in the category of smokers that the product was aimed at, you need to find a product, or method that it best suited to your circumstances. Because the product has helped many former smokers will not always guarantee that it is the solution to your stop smoking program.

You may need to get out your calendar and fix a date in the near future. This could help with motivation as you have selected the spot at which you become smoke free. You should view this date as the start of an amazing adventure, rather than the day you decided to put yourself under pressure to stop smoking. Looking forward to this date with positive anticipation, rather than dreading it will enhance your success rate. When you note this date on the calendar, make sure you also note the following day as your first 24 hours non smoking, also the first week, and the first month, they are all milestones in your quest.

Avoid people who will not support you, and knock your efforts. If you are surrounded by folks who think your aim is not worthwhile, your self esteem is going to be dented. In addition you own determination to go through with your stop smoking program may also take a hit, you may wonder if these people are right, you can’t do it. This will be a huge disaster since you above all need to believe in your plan to stop smoking for good. Making sure you are amongst folk who support you will give your morale an enormous boost, almost guaranteeing the success of your plan. Friends who encourage you will always be friends; those who put you down are maybe not such good friends as you thought.

1– You must first fight and conquer the battle inside you, never listen to what they say. Some people will tell you that it is near impossible to stop smoking, but that is feasible if only you let yourself believe it.

Smoking is a spirit, once it has found its way into your life, then it could take some spiritual,psychological and mental battle to fight it and defeat it.

You need to get your psyche ready because, it is going to be tough battle, but don’t be scared you will come out victorious.

2– Avoid every form of idleness, restlessness, depression and loneliness all these pre-disposes you to engage in smoking, just in order to avoid such situations, try to find something to do, activities like sports, reading, walking, jogging, and so on.

These helps distract your attention, it makes you loose consciousness of wanting to smoke.

The lesser time you have to think about smoking the quicker you are able to stop it.

3– Take a very bold step, by trying to stay away from most of your friends that smokes. They can not help you quit smoking, the more time you spend with them, the harder and more difficult it is to quit. Change the company of friends you keep, friends who don’t smoke or those who have successfully quit the habit. This helps kill smoking totally, because you become so motivated and reassured that there is a solution at sight.

4– Talk to someone about it,it could be someone who used to smoke but has stopped, a very close friend who doesn’t smoke, a professional, or your spiritual leader. Just try to share your feelings with someone, the more you talk about it, the wider exposure the bad habit gets. Don’t you know that bad habits thrives in secrecy. The more you talk about it the easier getting rid of it is.

5– Do not rush the process, take every progress you are making step by step, maybe you used to smoke a packet in two days, and you discover you smoke a pack in a day, that is the progress am talking about. This means that the number of sticks you smoke per day is gradually reducing, just build on that.

6– Change your life style, maybe there is a spot or bar you normally go to, which gives or brings the desire to smoke, then you need to stop or reduce your going there, do you always walk with lighters, cigarette pack e.t.c. Any thing that would arouse that orgy should be dropped, instead of been in this compromising places why don’t you choose a better, life style, like learning to relax with video games, reading, hanging out with friends who don’t smoke, taking a walk with your family could also help.. Just make sure your mind is engage with positive things.