Deaths Caused by Video Games

Believe it or not, but video games have actually killed people. Some games are held responsible for physically killing people and also some games have actually driven people to their deaths (I know crazy right?). There are actually several reported cases of death caused by video games every year however only some make it on the news and become popular. These 4 examples are just few of the many cases of death caused by video games but these are the most popular so take each one into consideration so you won’t be the next person on this list!

The first death I’ll start with is a man who physically died from playing Dance Dance Revolution, you know the famous dancing game by Konami. He bought Dance Dance Revolution on the PlayStation and began to play in his apartment which unfortunately he was alone that day KICKASS.CD. As many of you know dance dance revolution has a lot of flashing lights and with the dancing can get your heart and blood pumping which is why they have those warning before the game starts. Of course no one actually saw what happened but an inference led investigators to believe that he played the game and got a seizure from the dancing and flashing lights which caused him to suffocate on his tongue and died. Of course the family tried to sue Konami for millions of dollars, but there wasn’t any actual case because the warning clearly states the warning of seizures and other health issues while playing the game. Now we know why those warnings are on those games and should actually read them before playing.

Well I guess Blizzard makes some kickass games, so good that they cause people to die from playing! This third death is about a Korean man who died from heart failure after playing Starcraft for over 70 hours that’s right 3 days almost. Basically this guy went to a 24/7 PC cafe (very popular in Korea) and if you haven’t noticed Korea is like the capital of Starcraft. He began to play Starcraft non-stop and only stopped to take naps, use the restroom and eat. After about 2 days (from reports) his friend came because he was worried since he had lost his job due to his non-stop Starcraft marathon, but ignored him KICKASS TORRENT. On approximately his third day at the PC cafe an employee found him passed out where he was taken to the hospital only to die on the way from heart failure and lack of nutrition. This death clearly shows how an addiction can go very far with a game, but I have to admit Starcraft is addicting. So next time you do a gaming marathon make sure you get proper sleep and good nutrition!

A man named Hudson Wooley lost it all after playing the very popular (even before WOW) MMOPRG Everquest for several hours a day. Wooley was having difficult issues that caused him to become depressed and although the family blames Everquest for leading to his suicide people believe that it was his escape from reality, basically what alcoholics do except with elves and dwarfs. After losing his job and ignoring friends and family, they began to worry for him. After some time Wooley shot himself with a gun (spot not mentioned) not because of Everquest but from his problems, his suicide was his escape from reality just as many others escape playing MMOPRG’s such as Everquest, Warhammer, World of Warcraft, etc. Remember if you are having problems just how you shouldn’t drown them away in alcohol don’t ignore them by doing that raid on WOW instead seek help!

So, what career path should a competitive college athlete take? They will definitely need something that is really challenging. Of course, they also need to choose something that is psychologically correct for that fighter in them, the hard-charger part of their mind, body and soul. What sort of entrepreneurial work might they enjoy?

Some folks find challenge in design and innovation, it is competitive and fun, creative and as a college athlete, well you probably have one hell of a lot of oxygen going to your brain from sports and your heart is stronger than everyone else’s. Best of all you will not start slowing down until you are 40, so make hay now. You cannot choose anything boring or it will eat away at who you are and make you miserable.
Competitors also enjoy politics, you may not be interested in politics, but it’s true. And it’s extremely competitive and fun (quite a few malcontents and unscrupulous characters, but…). Competitors also enjoy making deals, negotiation and even International Business. It can be a blast too, and if you are a kickass entrepreneur you’ll be selling your stuff all over the world.