A Few Important Things About the Moving Checklists For Offices

Changing the location of an office Moving company amsterdam or business is quite challenging. Several factors need to be considered so that the running of the business is not affected. An office moving checklist can help to make sure that no errors take place in the moving of the business location.

4-8 Months before the Office Move
It is a good choice to hire a project manager as a moving coordinator to make sure there is no trouble. Making a move checklist of major and minor tasks gives a general idea of all the aspects that need to be taken care of. Setting a budget can help the coordinator prioritize the tasks and expenses and efficiently take care of the moving business. If the new location is rented then have the landlord make improvements and if the place is purchased then get contractors to make the new workstation compatible for your line of work. A few other things such as getting new phone lines, getting necessary permits and inform the employees of the move of the location.

2-4 Months before the Office Move
This is the time to hire movers for moving the office to its new location. Also this is the best time to make sure that the new office is well equipped with utilities including electricity, water and heating. The IT department will require time to move the server and if there is any problem then they may have to use a third location until the problem with the new office is fixed. The moving checklist can help ensure that no mistakes are made and no point is forgotten.

One Month before the Move
It is best to constantly stay in touch with the landlord in case of rented office so that he is updated on the status of the move. The next part of the moving checklist is to create an inventory for the equipment and furnishings. Usually the moving company provides the moving cartons and crates but make sure that the office starts packing by this time. The change of address needs to be filed with the post office and clients and customers need to be informed. Apart from that new stationery and business cards need to be printed with the new address mentioned on them.

One Week
It is important to not schedule any meetings during the week and concentrate on the move. The IT department should make a back up of essential files. It is best to visit the new office once to make sure everything is in order. As people usually forget and the moving checklists are here to remind the managers and employees need to be given new key cards, and keys and other information about the new office.

Moving Day
It is best to let the employees have a day off, as they can be a hindrance in the moving process. Also the moving manager needs to be present to oversee the move and make a few final minute decisions. Hence, the moving checklist can make a wearisome task less impeding and easy to accomplish.