Popular Wedding Songs

What would a wedding be without the singing or playing of some of the more popular wedding songs ever devised? Well, it would still be a wedding but it would be one that was sorely missing a popular element. Now, if you were asked to present a list of these top songs, would you be able to name all of them? If not there is no need to worry, the following is a list of some of the more popular songs that are frequently present when wedding bells chime:

The wedding should always start out with a song that themes the romantic nature of the event reels mp3. This is where Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz From Sleeping Beauty” is such an outstanding choice. The lyricism of this particular number significantly presents a tone that is bright and uplifting. And is that not what proper selections for a wedding song should embody?

Processional songs set the stage to the wedding and one of the best weddings songs to employ is the “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet” as performed by Andy Williams. Actually, since this is an instrumental you could a number of recordings. While most may not be aware the theme derives from 1968’s film adaptation of the play, most are familiar with its sound. And this is one of the most romantic themes ever crafted which makes it perfect for a wedding selection.

Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)” remains a perennial choice for the First Dance selection when the bride and groom take to the floor. Mostly everyone has heard of this song which is why it is among the most popular wedding songs commonly selected. It is also probably the most romantic song ever recorded which is certainly another plus associated with the song.

What would a Father/Daughter dance be without the playing of The Temptations “My Girl?” It would be a cliche to state that this song is an ‘oldie but a goodie’ but the cliché is most definitely true. “My Girl” has been a perennial father/daughter song because it is a tremendous recording that will bring sentimental tears to people’s eyes and smiles to their faces.

Debbie Boone’s “You Light Up My Life” is sometimes considered sappy and, to a certain extent, this is true. However, it also makes for a perfect Mother/Son dance tune. This is a classic love song that has been playing on easy listening stations for decades. It is also a common choice among those looking for an excellent Mother and Son dance number.

Sister Sledge’s version of “We Are Family” is a great selection for the Bridal Party dance because it adds a great sense of fun to the proceedings. It is also a nice departure from the more serious love tunes commonly employed at a wedding. No, this is not to say love tunes are a weak choice as much as it is to point out that upbeat friendly songs have their place as well.

Since the cutting of the cake is an unforgettable moment, would it not be appropriate that it is accompanied by Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable?” Some may think the song is a little bit too serious but it really is not. It is a bright and cheerful song that will certainly prove memorable.

The garter toss remains one of the more fun moments of a wedding. Would it not be appropriate to select a fun song to accompany it along the lines of “Legs” by ZZ Top? This is quickly becoming one of the more popular wedding songs of a newer generation that was raised on music videos and pop culture. It is also a fun song that most people will find a nice inclusion to the festivities.