The Magic of Orgasm Massage

Loving and being loved is an awesome state to be in. Although we are happy with our relationship, we always find ways to improve whatever we have. We usually have romantic dinner, a night out away from it all, and a good loving’ on bed. Hence, I’ll be discussing one unique way to make things better and sweeter for you and your partner.

We seldom hear stuffs that talks of men’s g-spot. Some of us don’t actually know that this part does exist. Actually, males have a super hot spot too. This gland has not been given the proper reputation it deserves. I am talking about the male prostate. Yes, that gland that has always been associated with cancer 수원스웨디시.

You might be wondering how this prostate could be pleasure, given that it is an internal gland. Men who have undergone a gloved-hand check-up technique might be surprised with the technique. In order to pleasure the prostate, it would be accessed via anus. Don’t fret, if done properly and gently your man will definitely reach an orgasm he has not felt before.

The release would be far more different because the prostate would be free from its contents, the alkaline content of the semen. This walnut-sized gland houses the neutralizer of vaginal walls. Naturally, the walls of the vagina are acidic. In this case, the semen would not be successful in fertilizing the ovum. Hence, the alkaline substance is highly vital.

You yourself might notice that the texture and amount of your man’s orgasm is quite different. Moreover, as you are pleasuring his prostate, there would be a sensation that is similar to that of urination. Tell your partner that this is just normal. He does not need to frantically run to the comfort. This is actually a sign that he is on climax. Soothe him with reassurance of pleasure or make an eye contact while explaining what he currently feels.

Now, I will coach you on how to execute the magic of orgasm massage. You will only need a good lubricant and an open mind. Have your nails trimmed before you do this to avoid infection. You may want this to be your foreplay or the “piece de resistance” of the night. However you have it, you should be gentle in doing this.

The best position would be for you and your partner to face each other. Have him kneel in front of you, and tell him to open his legs a little. Put an ample amount of lubricant into your middle finger and spread it out. Insert your hands in between his legs and feel the entrance to his rectum. You may also put a little more lubricant into his anus to avoid resistance.

Gently insert your finger into his anus and feel the bump a little after the entrance. Once you feel the bump, gently tap it and see your man’s reaction. This bump signals the part of his prostate. To massage this, rub it in a circular manner (remember: be gentle). Try to ask you man if he is feeling any pain or discomfort. Be relaxed too and don’t panic. If your man sees that you are nervous, he might feel the same way.