My Touch Removes A Dog’s Ouch! – 1

My touch benefits dogs! What an active tactile touch I experience as I methodically pass my eyes over a dogs body, running and probing my trained fingers and thumb over each sequential body part exercising purposeful methods of manipulating, stroking, kneading, palpating, massaging and even barely touching, yet sensing spasmodic alterations, or relaxed soft tissues under the largest organ of the dog, the skin. Keen awareness of a dogs’ anatomy structure, muscle system, circulation flow, and pressure points, help each tactile touch discover the gnawing truths within every fur bundle 송파스웨디시.

To instill vital energy in a dog, ultimately to provide an improved comfort, is always a joy. For it brings forth a calming difference in a dog’s rest, a privilege for “mankind’s best friend.” Thus, I’m proud to have an important role in serving humanity this way. I receive these abilities to aid and abet a dog’s need, not wholly by myself. Rather instinctive favors within my spirit kindles this personal journey. Major authorities help to benefit and continue to lead me to a deeper appreciation of respect and love for dogs.

But, how, why, and when did such an encounter become a reality? When my search to improve my dogs’ health became more difficult. A personal sadness. Only by faith, do I proceed.

I reason for a need, a professional mentor in animal care. Diligently, I seek, and find a well-known pioneer in animal massage, who well-over 30 years have been using massage for dogs in enhancing the health and extension of their lives. This meeting leads to an assemblage of communicative exchange; testimonial materials; varied documents on animal massage approaches; historic risings and falls of animal massage; and acceptance with veterinarians, people, and dogs. All these sources made available for me, prove over and over, logical smart dog sense.

I make a serious decision to sidestep from an established ten-year public relations and marketing profession, for the love of my dogs. That’s right, I leave my full-time job, and revisit this posture as a free-lance public relations consultant. Less public relations projects, and more canine interests.

To make a major change to become a student again, in Canine Massage Therapy is a monetary risk. But the risk to resume my dogs’ contentment again, is worth all the time and effort, indeed a long-haul, but a purposeful intent, seeking a miraculous end.

I study hard! Daily schedules absorbing instructional readings, diagrams, practicing therapeutic massaging, ultimately awards me with certification credentials. My mentor directs studies to reach levels meeting credentials in adherence to strict code principles, put forth for constant review, to achieve the highest and best benefits of Canine Massage Therapy. Such protocol of constant review to oversee my profession, is an appreciative check and balance on accountability and responsibility. Yes, such support makes me happy and ready to perform as a Certified Canine Massage Therapist!

Keystone throughout this journey are my dogs. They become personal laboratory tests and experiments I use my own dogs for on-the-job-training. Constant practice with them, turn my knowledge increasingly keen, accurate, and natural to their touch, a convincing and mindful awareness…to get them healthy again. Our senses during each massage stroke, integrate harmoniously together like chamber music echoed with actual classical piano music playing in the background. I persevere. Before I graduate, the dogs already receives five-months of regular massages. This regular regimen ultimately recovers them from debilitation of musculature, circulatory and emotional issues. I am so happy!

My dogs’ recovery is mainstream. However, the challenge against the kennel lacking health care and cleanliness remain unresolved, for this is where my dogs were sheltered for several months, released undernourished, diseased, and depressed. At the time though, health concern for the dogs is the immediate agenda, rather then legal challenges against an organization “too big and strong.” My tired energy resounds, “enough.”

Although, the legal court proceedings investigating against reasons and manner, the kennel took my dogs became a winning victory for us, it was both good and sad. Good that we won! Sad, about my dogs suffering! So, subsequent to the Judge’s winning decision for us, a court order to release my dogs from the shelter was critical. As mentioned, their release being undernourished, diseased, and depressed was horrific. Too late, too much, too soon to attempt another legal challenge. Discouragement about the personal affect on the dogs, took a toll on my health as well. But, I had to persevere. Search for the dogs’ recovery had limitations. Medications prescribed by Veterinarians did not help. Other resources begin to open up.