Tips for Securing Your Caravan on a Public Caravan Park

When a lot of people buy their caravans, they think that they can leave public safety behind because they are on ‘holiday.’ They have this false sense of safety when they are away because they think that crime does not follow them when they are on vacation.

This is not the case though and it is no fault of the caravan park. They have no idea who they are letting stay on their caravan park. They don’t do criminal checks on people when they are booking their holiday; they only care about the color of their money, so to speak bollards for driveway.

Caravan parks are secured, they have security guards who patrol the area and guard the front gate. People are not allowed on the premises unless they have a keycard to the park, which confirms their identity, so you are protected from the outside world a bit. That does not mean that your caravan is completely safe though and you should take measures to make sure that it is safe. This is just to help the guards to keep your van and everyone else’s a bit more secure.


You do need to lock your caravan when you are leaving, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes. It only takes a second for someone to get into the caravan and take whatever is in the first room that they come to.

Caravans are like modern homes these days and people know that, especially people who might have less than honest motives. You might have all the latest technology in your caravan – consoles, flat screen televisions, blu ray players and even state of the art kitchen equipment. Your caravan probably has thousands of dollars worth of equipment in it, the same as your house or apartment.

You wouldn’t leave your home unsecured, so you shouldn’t leave your holiday home unsecured just because you feel that you are free from crime, in some sort of holiday bubble.

Just make sure you lock all the doors and windows when you leave. A security guard will patrol near your caravan but you must help yourself. Another good reason to look the doors and windows is for insurance purposes. If your caravan gets broken into and the insurance company knows that you did not lock the doors and windows, then they are not going to pay out on the insurance, even though the grounds are patrolled. So, you have to make sure that all of your bases are covered.