An Overview Of The Shopping Tours To China

The history of China was dated back to around 5000 years ago, which includes many sites that have contributed to the fame of the country across the world. Some of the most popular sites include the Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors and the Great Wall of China. Along with these sites, there is another attraction offered by the country in the form of shopping in popular cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Although, there is no restriction on tourists for visiting these places on their own, yet there is a facility of group tours available to help people enjoy shopping from China.

Shopping tour in Shenzhen 레플리카

This city of China is popular among shoppers and is located near the border connecting Hong Kong and China, also known as the backyard of Hong Kong to its motherland. The city is famous in the shopping world for its Lo Wu shopping mall that is known to offer great bargains on tailors, beauty parlors and many designer labels, allowing you to buy cheap products from China. The tour of this mall is a day tour that starts from the Hong Kong and continues to the shopping mall and some popular tourist sites like the Meridian View Centre, which is the city and is known for providing panoramic views. The Green Great Wall, a significant ecological site and the souvenir shops of crafts and arts that are crafted by hand are other sites that are included in the tour to the city.

Shanghai & Beijing

The two cities, Shanghai and Beijing are the major cities of China, which offer a numerous offers for shoppers. The city of Beijing has been known as the cultural heart of the country for centuries, while the Shanghai city is referred to as the Paris of the East, due to a unique culture prevailing in the city, famous by the name east-meets-west culture. Generally, an 11-day tour is available covering both the cities that comprises of sightseeing of major attractions like the Great Wall as well as shopping. Major shopping from China spots on this tour include an antiques market and a fabric market of the Shanghai as well as the silk market in the Beijing. A shopping tour to the Beijing city covers the Handcrafts market of the city with a visit to the factory, which is a day tour, allowing people to shop for carpets, silk, jade and other types of handcrafted items.


A shopping tour of the country will allow you to buy cheap products from China, but tourists need to be aware of several regulations ruling the import of products from the country. Several pirated goods like watches and purses are considered to be illegal in the USA. Also, the cost of a shopping tour of 1-day or 2-days long in any Chinese city will probably include a group visa’s charge, in order to free up the group members from the worry of availing visas on an individual basis for visiting the country. However, for longer tours, you might need to get an individual visa for the country.