Social Media Traffic For Your Blog – Part 2

Digg is probably another must-have for your row of buttons. Digg is the most-visited, most-used social bookmarking site out there. Appearing on the site’s front page can get you literally millions of hits–but you don’t have to shoot for the front page to really make some money.

What you want to do is get enough people to add a positive vote to your site, that you get listed in your niche on Digg To do this, you need something other than what Sociable supplies (although you should use that one, too.) A “Digg It” button allows people to quickly add a vote to your site–a vote that can help push you up in Digg’s rankings.

Keep in mind that while Digg is a general bookmarking and social news site, many of its (very active) users focus on all things tech-related. So while in some niches you might not want to put a vote button on every post, you’ll definitely want one if you’re dealing with technology in any form.

There are plenty of other social media/news/bookmarking sites out there. Deciding on which ones might be best for your specific niche is simply a matter of taking the time to go to each site, seeing what it looks like, and checking reviews of the site on the Web.

Some sites, like Technorati, also have image and video searches. This is one reason that you want to name all your image files with your keywords. This is also a reason to pay attention to alt-text, the text that shows while an image is loading over a slow or slowed connection. Both of these things will help you pop up in image search, when somebody looks for your keywords on these media sites, as well as with Google.

Make sure you add all of your images to Flickr, as it’s the largest social media image sharing site on the Web. Don’t forget to link your images back to the posts they originally appeared on. It can’t hurt to have your images on another image sharing site or two as well–but at the very least, you really should use Flickr.

People don’t always think of YouTube as a social media website, but that’s exactly what it is! YouTube is a great way to get social media traffic, if you’ll do a few things like tag your videos with appropriate keywords and comment on others’ videos.

Follow the same steps for Google Video, Technorati, and any other social bookmarking website that has video search. Not only will this result in social media traffic from those websites, it will also increase your chances of ranking highly with Google and any other search engine that utilizes blended or universal search.

Staying current with news in your niche is also helpful in getting social media traffic. The internet is a fast-paced world, and people are constantly wanting to know about the newest thing in any given field. You can use Google alerts to let you know when your keywords are mentioned in news, blogs, or a variety of other sources. If you jump on this opportunity to make a new post as soon as news comes out, you can get a leg up on everybody else on your favorite social media websites–and get more traffic!