Your Super Highway

The energy that breaths you, that animates your body, is what distinguishes life from death. Are there energy centers throughout your body; it is optimal for your energy to flow freely. When energy gets blocked it leads to dis-ease. Energy gets blocked through stress, stuffed emotions, negative self talk and unexpressed life lessons.

You have seven primary hubs of power, also known as Power centers, which run along your torso. Energy flows in and out of you through these energy centers. The literal translation of chakra is a spinning wheel allowing energy to flow freely through your body. It is good to understand this basic premise: your Power centers must be balanced or your life is unbalanced. Each energy center holds a life lesson necessary to comprehend in order to properly use your free will. When athe Power center is not expressed your energy does not flow correctly throughout your body and energy blockages arise. When your superhighway is congested with energy you will feel at dis-ease. Dis-ease show itself as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, depression, addiction, overeating, compulsion, and more which may very well lead to disease actually manifesting 펄안마.

By understanding how energy flows along your superhighway you gain control over the signals your life. Through interpreting the signals provided by your mind and body you can begin to steer your life. Each power center has a truth to share if not several. Please take the truth as a lesson or even as a challenge to your current experience. If you can take on one primary lesson from each power hub you will be growing as an individual by leaps and bounds. Now, let’s look at the layout of your super highway.