Get Better Infomercial Results With a Great Website

Have you ever watched an infomercial that had no website displayed, or went to a website advertised on an infomercial, only to be disappointed? Sure you have, and it isn’t good! A good website is part and parcel to an effective infomercial. It is the website which can make the infomercial much more visible and profitable. Having one without the other is like shooting yourself in one foot. You are significantly handicapping yourself by not having a synergistic Web and TV strategy.

Display the Website Address on the Infomercial

During the entire 30 minutes of an infomercial, the web address needs to be displayed prominently and in large enough text to be easily seen and read. The website address (or URL) needs to be short and easily remembered. Long web addresses are much less effective because the TV viewer will be less apt to write it down and to remember it off the top of the head. A good web address can be the name of the company or the name of the product. Remember to keep the web address short!

The Website Needs to Have a Sales Process Infused

Just because a visitor has watched the infomercial and gone to a website, does not mean he or she is sold. It is very ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ important that the landing page has a sales process to get that prospect to take action, whether that action is to buy the product, or make a request for further information and a free E-book. Just as the infomercial takes a viewer through a sales process, so to should the website. The website also offers the opportunity to “mine” the information of the harder to sell customers, giving you one more crack at them.

Display the Infomercial Prominently on the Website

Your web sales will sky rocket by using an infomercial on the website. Some people are more visual and want to see a presentation. Most websites are to be read, losing many potential customers quickly if they prefer the visual. The infomercial can provide that web visitor the extra push to make that buy or ask for more information. The displayed program also lends a lot of credibility and increases the trust factor of the website. Credibility + Trust = Sales.