Text Messaging – One of the Easiest Way to Land You a Date

Compare to the time where our parents are still in their 20s, our social life now are heavily dependent on the use of our mobile phones. However, there is one thing we still have in common with our parents which is we still enjoy socializing with others as well as staying active in our dating life.

Girls especially would enjoy socializing more than guys, and thus many of them would depend heavily on text messaging and instant chat messaging to stay connected with their friends. As such, would you be really surprise to learn that text messaging might be one of the easiest way to land yourself a date?

That being said, sending the correct text message that might illicit the girl’s interest is an art form in itself, one wrong λŒ€λŸ‰λ¬Έμž message can quickly sabotage any chance of you landing a date with your dream girl, therefore it is worth learning how to send messages that can enhance your position with your date. This article will give you some text messaging tips which you can quickly use before you hit your send button.

First and foremost, understanding what qualities your date wants can quickly increase your chances by three folds, typically a girl would judge if a guy is mate worthy quality by the way they carry themselves. Therefore even in text messages, you should exude that sort of confidence you want them to see in your, you can be quirky and funny, but you should never be seen as someone without his self confidence.

When you receive a text message from your date, do you truly understand what they really mean? Male and female have a different set of communicating skills and sometimes what you read on screen does not accurately portray what she really meant! Thus taking the time to understand what she’s really saying can enhance your chances of landing the date that you want.

One of the best thing about using text messages as a way to land yourself a date is that you get to have enough time to compose and think your message through, which you can not do in real life. In the world of dating, performance is everything but with text messages, you’re given some form of leverage to compose yourself and speak up.

While it is easy to get carried away in text messaging and dating, do not try to be someone who you are not! When you do eventually get a date with your dream girl, they’ll quickly find out that you’ve been pretending all along and this will seriously hurt your chances of further developing the relationship.