Is The Food You Are Eating Causing Your Body To Be Locked In A Vicious Fat Storing Cycle?

We are getting too fat and getting fatter. Two thirds of us are now overweight to some degree yet we have more diets and diet programs than ever before. “What is going on here” you may rightly ask? One interpretation is that the food we eat is making us fat and at the very least we have to conclude that the diets are not working for us.

Maybe we should look to the recommended food pyramid as having contributed to the startling rise in overweight people in the last decade. This pyramid created in 1992 recommends 6-11 servings of grain products (carbohydrates) each day which has us straying a long way from the diet of our ancient ancestors. They ate few carbohydrates, certainly not ones that come in pretty boxes laden with chemicals and man-made fats and sugars.

These high amounts of grains (even whole grains) are almost all starch and cause a rise in blood sugar. The increased blood Glucofort sugar (glucose) then causes a surge or ‘spike’ in insulin to deliver glucose into the muscle cells to be used for energy As we hardly use our muscles anymore due to our sedentary, inactive lifestyles the muscle cells cannot uptake the glucose and the cells become resistant to the insulin trying to ‘push’ it into them.

The large quantity of these foods eaten in our modern diet overwhelms the body as it continues to try and compensate by producing more insulin to try and control blood sugar resulting in excess levels of insulin in the blood. Now you have high blood levels of both blood sugar and insulin – the perfect formula for fat storage. Fat burning is stopped and fat storage is ramped up to make you fat – and keep you fat.

The foods that you need to ditch from your diet if you ever wish to become slim again are baked good, sweets, cakes, sugary drinks (artificially sweetened ones as well), pasta, rice, breads, junk type snack foods, cereals and all white, brown and whole grain products.

Replace these so called ‘foods’ with natural whole foods that our grandmothers would have prepared for their family. Grass fed meats, real fish from the sea, free range poultry and eggs, vegetables of all kinds, legumes, nuts, seeds and 1-2 pieces of fruit a day.

Eat 4-6 small meals each with a serving of protein and the balance vegetables. Simple uncomplicated and highly nutritious and the best part of all will not send your blood glucose and insulin levels off the chart and thrust your body into full-on fat storage mode.

The only solution for the overweight problem is to re-balance the macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats). Continuing to eat man-made carbohydrates full of unhealthy additives will stimulate your appetite, increase food cravings and keep you locked in a vicious cycle of fat storing while switching off your fat burning mechanism.

Only by correcting the imbalance will you restore health, lose the fat, banish the fatigue, uplift your mood, resist disease and gain a higher quality of life. This is not about dieting or deprivation it is about eating and enjoying a wide variety of healthy wholesome foods that support your body to burn fat.