iPhone Recycling

iPhone is getting popular day by day. Seeing this, Apple is busy in launching newer and newer versions. Those of us who are in love with this phone rush out to get one; but what about our responsibility towards the environment. Hey! Isn’t this article supposed to be about iPhone, where the heck did the topic of environment sprung up? Let me tell you why. When we buy a new version of anything, what do we do with the old one?

We usually dump it off; and this dump ultimately reaches one of the landfills where our old iPhone sets keep laying around for ages before they even start to degrade. Moreover, the 二手 iphone 回收價 materials used in the phones, like many other electronics, give off fumes and let toxic materials leak into the soil thus causing havoc to our environment. Here recycling comes to the rescue.

We can recycle and reuse almost anything, including our iPhone sets. The first thing to do with your old set is to ask around, there may be someone who would be interested in buying it. Another thing which you can do with it is to send it back to Apple; they have a recycling center. They will sort out the materials used in the iPhone into separate categories and then recycle and reuse them for making new products. You just have to log on to their website; fill out the form, meant specifically for this purpose, giving your shipping address and specifications of your phone. They will send you the materials needed for shipping, free of cost. You just pack the iPhone and send it back to them. What a nice way to be environment friendly and still enjoy the new phone.