The Difference Between Porcelain and Bone China Dinnerware Sets

There are several types of fine table wares but the most common of all are the porcelain dinnerware sets and the bone china sets.

China is the generic name for all dinner wares. However, there are several kinds of china which are mostly known as ceramics. Ceramics are made of clay. Unfortunately, further descriptions are obscurely explained.

To help you further understand the differences between these two fine wares, let me show you some important points.

Porcelain is divided into two categories: the hard paste and the soft paste. Hard paste means that the product is made from white china clay or kaolin, quartz, feldspar and china stone which provides its translucency. When this is placed under intense heat, these ingredients will start to fuse which will then become a vitreous white hard surface. If you hear a metallic ring when lightly struck it is considered as genuine porcelain. Soft paste on the other hand is made from white china clay and a vitreous frit that will also produce its translucency. It is also exposed 深水埗跌打館 in a high temperature but lesser intensity compared with the hard paste. The finish product is also more liable to breakage.

When you say vitreous porcelain it means the end-product appears to be glass-like. This type of porcelain is made from clays that are glazed and heated at an extremely high temperature. It is the temperature that causes the glaze to fuse together with the clay which makes the plates non-porous. This type of china is considered delicate and extremely durable.

Bone china is a variety of porcelain which is an intermediate between a hard paste and soft paste. It is also a combination of clay and a china stone. By adding calcified bone which is usually from the animal ox, it is then burned and grounded to a fine powder that whitens it and strengthens the wares. It also looks creamier with finer texture than the bluish white of other porcelain. The adding of the bone ash made it even more translucent than porcelain.

To sum it up, fine dinner wares appears to be glass-like and absolutely translucent. This means that when held up high in the light the shadow of your hand is conspicuously seen at the opposite side of the plate. This is also one way of testing the authenticity of Bone china wares.