Best iPhone Apps Protected by Touch ID

The fingerprint scanner is enhanced with the latest iPhone 6 that adds security to the phone 中年交友平台. The utility is capable of transforming your device into a security gadget enabled via fingerprint or thumbprint of the user. However, the touch scanner is not limited to this functionality. There is more to the utility that you should know about, especially when it comes to the Touch ID.

Using the Touch ID

You might be familiar with this touch scanner already, but chances are that you are still not utilizing it to its full capacity. You need to know that after registering multiple touches you will need to set a pass-code to guard your device 交友平台. The four digits PIN is no longer the only option that you should use. You should choose a strong pass-code to secure your device.

Go to Settings-> Touch ID & Passcode-> Simple Passcode, now from here on you can enter a new passcode that is stronger 識女仔地方. The code needs to be changed when you want to make changes in the fingerprint scanner or settings relevant to the pass-code.

Now let’s move on to discover best apps for iPhone that are protected by Touch scanner ID.

Cloud Storage

With limited resources and limited storage space, you start facing storage restrictions. You then need to rely upon Cloud Storage. It is not only user-convenient but an easy method for helping you store your documents and pictures. However, now that the cloud has your personal information, and sensitive data stored, you need to ensure its security. Using the touch scanner you can also protect your data on cloud storage.

Using a service like Box for iPhone will help you gain access to your files. All the files that are hosted on Box account can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, the touch scanner ID will ensure the safety of these files from any kind of infiltration to the account.

The Dropbox too utilizes the technology of fingerprint ID for iPhone users to make things easier.

Password Managers and Fingerprint Scanner
We all know that to protect our account or online data, a strong master password is required. The Password Manager needs this master password to keep the vault secure from outside threats. However, often it does seem a chore to enter a complicated password using your iPhone. A much easier option for the user would be using the touch scanner or the Fingerprint Scanner.

If you are using an option like 1Password then, you will be easily able to store your personal data. However, you need to remember that only partial data will be made available for the purpose of form filling. Using the fingerprint scanner, you will be able to access your personal data along with your passwords that are stored in a vault.

Another app like Dashlane is enhanced to provide better security, all thanks to the fingerprint scanner used in iPhone 6.

If you are using Lastpass premium edition then, you will need to shell out $1 monthly. All the passwords stored in the app will be managed and secured using your fingerprint scanner.

Other Apps

Go to the iTunes Store and enter Touch ID in the search box that will reveal numerous options for relevant apps. Some of the apps that you can utilize to your benefit are as follow:

• If you are using the Amazon App then, it becomes easier to shop online using iPhone. With the integration of the touch-enabled ID scanning, your transactions on this site are secured. No other user would be able to make purchases using your account.

• App like eHarmony that stores your profile and personal details too is kept secured using the fingerprint scanner. You can easily share your device with someone else without having to bother about someone stumbling upon your dating app and its credentials.

• The most useful Evernote app gives you the liberty to store your random thoughts and ideas in whichever format you like. Now that you have a fingerprint scanner ID you can easily use the app without exposing your ideas to another.

• Mint app helps you with your financial management by real-time information tracking. All your balances and transactions remain stored in this app. Now, you can ensure that the information on the app is kept secure with the touch-enabled ID.

• Scanner Pro helps you transform your iPhone into a scanning device. You would no longer need to carry a pile of paper with you when you can use this app for scanning. However, with the incorporation of a fingerprint scanner you can be sure of the security of your information.