Cell Phone Usage and Smart Phone Data – Looking Forward 2010-2012

Where do we go from here? Now that all of the smart phone technologies are growing up, and how do we spend our call time, knowing that the old cell technology is passed the dam? What dam you ask? Well, all this technology has been building up, and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with the iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid, and Palm Pre. The reality is that there are at least 100 android clone phones on their way.

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The flood gates are about to open in 2010, lower prices, and 100s of millions of units to be sold. Google Nexus One has only shipped about 100,000 units or less and the competition is about to swarm like upstream swimming salmon coming home to spawn. In a recent article Bill Ives a technology wiz and personal tech sector economic analyst wrote an article titled: “Wireless Smartphone Usage to Surge this Year!” Of course he is right, and all the leading indicators cannot be wrong this time redmi note 8.

He cited several studies including one by Forrester, and made light of the fact that our mobile technology is getting smaller, from lap tops to notebooks to smart phones, smaller we go. If you are considering buying a smart phone this year, you are hardly alone. And with mobile access to the web, TV, email, GPS turn-by-turn mapping, etc., why wouldn’t you partake?

The prices are coming down, and people are moving up from their own cell phone technology to the ever present smart phones of tomorrow. They are doing it today – and they are buying the best calling plans, the best phones, and they want it all, and they definitely want it yesterday.

Prediction: Smart Phone Data and Cell Phone Usage to be Astronomical in 2010-2012.

Interestingly enough, smart cell phone market penetration is almost to the point of a hyperbolic curve, we should expect to see some 100 plus new Android running smart cell phone clones similar to all the top models like the Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, and the Apple iPhone 3GS in 2010 and 2011. This will really impact the wireless world and test the system, infrastructure, and 3G backbone.

As humans go mobile with all their computing, just as they have with all their voice communication, we will usher in a new age of smart phones, indeed, the definition of a regular cell phone and smart phone will also surely change in the near future. Please consider all this.