Marijuana and Panic Attacks Is There a Link?

Is there a direct link between smoking marijuana and panic attacks? In this short article I hope to explain why smoking cannabis can increase the chance of having a panic attack and some of the solutions you can use to minimize and prevent them.

Before I start, I would like to state however that I am in no way condemning cannabis usage, I believe people are free to live their own lives as they wish, I do want to help you though by stating the facts and risks associated with marijuana usage how fast does cbd oil work orally in cats.

Marijuana is popular amongst its recreational users for its pleasant and euphoric effect it has on the mind and body. It has also been advocated by health practitioners to reduce pain, induce hunger and relieve stress. When it comes to anxiety disorders however, that is another story.

In a word, yes marijuana does have a significant contribution to the likelihood of panic attacks. Any kind of substance that has the ability to change the way the brain functions has the potential to increase and magnify the frequency of having some kind of anxiety attack, this includes alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

The fact is, marijuana can induce paranoia, and paranoia can be one of the feelings a panic attack sufferer will feel. This in itself can lead to an anxiety attack very quickly, even if you were feeling calm before. The reason is because pot has the ability to reveal sub conscious feelings towards the conscious part of the mind. Any insecure or fearful feelings you have deep rooted in your mind become far more apparent, thus beginning a cycle of anxious feelings.

So what can you do about it? Many people do enjoy smoking marijuana and are reluctant to give up their pastime any time soon. The best thing you can do if this you is to look at other areas of your lifestyle that you can improve, this can be things such as eating healthier, getting more exercise and reducing your stress levels by doing something you enjoy.

More importantly, you will need to tackle you anxiety disorder head on and remove it permanently. This will get rid of those underlying feelings for good and greatly minimize the risk associated with marijuana and panic attacks.

Removing the underlying causes of anxiety is of utmost importance to get rid of this unpleasant affliction. If you have been searching for ways to remove panic attacks permanently then head over to [] for a proven method that has helped thousands of people worldwide.