Vietnam Travel Guide – Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Looking for Vietnam travel guide? Vietnam is one of the most popular Southeast Asian countries, with a staggering variety of destinations to visit. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation bordered by the sea to the north, east and south, with Hanoi as its capital city. Hanoi, like many historic destinations in Vietnam, pays homage to its famous communist leader, Ho Chi Minh.

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Hanoi is the largest city in Vietnam, and it has a unique history: as a former French colony, it collaborated with America during the Vietnam War. While most Americans have memories of the war, many don’t know that half of Hanoi’s population was forced into a concentration camp after the war. The best time to visit Vietnam for both locals and tourists is from May to October, when the weather is warm and humidity is at a minimum. June, July, and August are too hot and humid for locals and foreign travelers alike.

When traveling Vietnam, especially in the mid-range to low-end price range, try to avoid any area that is outside Hanoi’s urban center. Most Vietnam travel guide maps show a comprehensive grid layout, with the central district located in the center of the country, while other outlying districts are further out of reach. The cost of living in Hanoi is much higher than in most of the surrounding regions, so you might consider spending a bit more to get more value for your money

One of the best things about Vietnam is its cuisine, and you will have plenty opportunities to sample authentic Vietnamese dishes while in Vietnam. In Nha Trang, there are Hoi Meo, a sour soup made from noodles, egg bones, and lemongrass; along with other interesting ingredients. In Hue, one of the city’s most famous dishes is Pho, a rice dish flavored with ginger and fish sauce. Of course, no Vietnamese meal would be complete without rice, so try the ho gai, rice dough filled with colorful fillings that is often served as an appetizer. The best things to do in Hue are definitely in the halong bay, where there are a variety of seafood, vegetable, and meat dishes.

You can also visit Vietnam’s largest city, Hanoi, during the best time of the year. March to July is considered the peak month for visiting Vietnam, as you will find everything from street food to museums to historic architecture at this time. The city is divided into three parts: Old Town, Central Business District, and South Vietnam. If you are traveling Vietnam on a budget, you should not have too much trouble finding nice inexpensive hotels in Hanoi. Many visitors stay in rice paddy houses, which are perfect for vacationers on a budget.

Perhaps the best part about Vietnam is its cuisine, and even though you will only see very little of it while you are there, it is something you will never forget once you have eaten your fill of Vietnamese food. There are many great Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi where you can get a real taste of authentic Vietnamese food. In the central part of town, you will find Vietnamese eateries, where you can enjoy some great fresh seafood along with your favorite dishes. For more information on Vietnamese cooking classes in Hanoi, you can consult your Vietnam travel guide.