Flat Belly Diet Guide

Here’s a diet guide for getting a flat belly. You may think that it’s only going to be about fruits and vegetables. If you think that, you’re wrong.

Flat Belly Diet Guide

1. Eat a lot of protein and fiber

Protein speeds up your metabolism while also giving you a nice full feeling. Unlike processed simple carbohydrates, protein is hard to convert to fat when it goes unused.

Fiber is great for clearing out your digestive tract to allow for a more efficient excretion of waste products. Also, fiber gives you an incredible full feeling.

The 2 best foods that are both high in fiber and protein are black beans and lentils. Side benefit… they’re extremely cheap. A can of black beans costs around 48 cents and a 1 pound bag of lentils okinawa flat belly tonic goes for about 72 cents.

2. Eat apples between meals or right before meals

Apples are great because they have a high water content as well as a lot of fiber (5 grams). So as a snack, it does a good job of tiding you over until your next meal. If you eat it before a meal, well that does a good job of reducing what you eat for the rest of that meal.

3. Eggs or rolled oats oatmeal for breakfast

Both of these foods do a good job of filling you up. This is important for the first meal of the day so that you don’t play calorie catch-up the rest of the day. Your body will usually have massive amounts of cravings if you start the day out wrong (no breakfast or a bad breakfast).

4. Use extra virgin coconut oil between meals

The healthy fats in extra virgin coconut oil almost work magic as far as fast weight loss. Extra virgin coconut oil isn’t a weight loss supplement, but it works better than 98% of the weight loss supplements on the market. Just be sure to get one that has “extra virgin” on the label so you know it’s pure.

This flat belly diet guide should help to accelerate your weight loss progress no matter what else you do.

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