Medical Questions Answered: The Truth, the Myth, and the Busted

The following medical questions answered are common mental misconceptions that resulted to an over time stigma. These medical questions are answered according to their common myth form followed by the truth behind their claims.

Myth: Bad parenting can ultimately lead a child to mental illness

This belief is a FACT. Many psychological experts believe and agree that mental illness can also be caused by physical trauma. The most common cause of mental illness still lies on a person’s genetic susceptibility. When combined with different risk factors, like physical and verbal abuse, it can ultimately lead to a psychiatric disorder.

Myth: Letting your kid eat lots of sweet can make them hyperactive

This belief is 100% FALSE. In one study, two pediatric doctors conducted a double-blind, randomized, and controlled trials to 12 children. The result showed no difference in their behavior between any of the children. The test made use of natural and artificial sugar source 먹튀검증사이트.

Myth: Most of the body’s heat is diffuse through the head

This belief is 90% FALSE. While it is true that the head does release heat, the claim can only amount to 10% while the remaining 90% is release via the different parts of the body. Therefore, this myth is partially false.

Myth: Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday can make your body healthy

This belief is actually 100% FALSE that originated in the late 1940’s. The origin of this myth goes way back the year 1945 when an American agency announced a news bulletin about the human body needing 8 glasses of fluid everyday. The term fluid that they’ve announced included all forms of fluid from all types of food. This health bulletin eventually evolved over time from the word ‘fluid’ to ‘water’. Finally today, the ‘8 glasses of water’ is popularly practiced.

Myth: Practicing cracking in your knuckles can cause chronic arthritis

This belief is 100% FALSE. There are many causes of arthritis, and cracking the knuckles does not include them. The sound produce by the knuckles when they are being cracked are actually sounds of bubble bursting. Over time or if done excessively, it can cause joint finger weakness but as far as arthritis is concerned, it’s impossible.

These medical questions answered have been verified to be true and factual. For more information, you can visit various medical questions sites for further verification.